Sunday, June 12, 2016

Scotland-Final Thoughts

Hello Again,

Our trip to Scotland was originally planned to be longer and to cover more territory but my husband fell ill only a couple of days into the trip and we had to return home. But even though it was a short visit my impressions of the country and it's people can be summed up as beautiful and gracious. Everywhere we went people were so kind and friendly to us. I worried about us running into anti-American sentiment but we never did. And once my husband fell ill and it was apparent we needed help, people went out of their way to assist us. And I am very very grateful for this.

The countryside is every bit as beautiful as it appears on line and in books. It's incredibly green and there were wild flowers all around. One thing both of us noticed is the care and concern the Scots have for their environment. It's nice to see that.

People their seem less stressed or anxious than my contemporaries here in the US-both my husband and I noticed that and they all seemed to have an easy familiarity with each other. There was also a readiness to help each other-we went to the pharmacy in Morrison's department store and there was a line to pick up prescriptions there. In the line was a very elderly man and the pharmacist who was working with customers saw him, stopped what she was doing, got a chair and took it over to that man and saw to it that he sat down and was comfortable. It was very touching to see that.

Glasgow looks different from an American city. The building materials used to build buildings are different, and the roads are narrower than our roads are. And it has miles and miles of small shops, which unfortunately we didn't have time to see. It has both older and new architecture and someday when we return we'll explore that in greater depth.

People and Businesses to Thank

Alison McAdam-we love you Alison. Thanks so much for everything.
Anne and Graeme Nelson of Helensburgh-thank you for a lovely evening.
Jackie, Alison's friend (I apologize, I can't remember her last name)-thank you for your assistance. It was greatly appreciated.

Also many thanks to:

The staff at the Titan Crane
The Hop on and Off Tour of Glasgow
Morrison's Grocery Store
The Royal Glasgow Infirmary A&E Department
Lloyd's Pharmacy
The Glasgow Airport staff for their help getting us to our flight home.
Icelandic Air for assisting  us in changing our flight plans on such short notice
Kevlavik Airport, Reykjavik, Iceland for their assistance

Also the TSA staff at Minneapolis St. Paul airport for their professionalism and assistance.

I can't think of anything else to write about so I'll close. I hope you all have enjoyed reading this.

Until Next Time,


  1. I enjoyed it very much. I was going to ask you if it was still very green there as it was way back in '64. Glad to hear that it is. I suppose all the rain helps keep it that way.

  2. I forgot to mention accents-yes, I had a little trouble understanding people but I am also a little hard of hearing so I have difficulty understanding Americans too. But I was able to figure out the conversation and respond.

  3. I've loved reading your blog Vickie and I'm really pleased you have such a good opinion of Scotland , Hurry back xx