Friday, June 10, 2016

Grocery Shopping

Hi Everyone,

When ever I go someplace, of course I wind up seeing the tourist stuff but what really interests me is how people live out their daily lives. Where do they do their shopping? How much does gas cost? How hard is it to get around?

We needed some supplies and as we were staying in Alison's flat, we all went to the same grocery store that she usually goes to, Morrison's a large grocery chain in Britain, much like Cub Supermarkets here in Minnesota.

Alison's store is really large. It has multiple departments similar to most grocery stores here: a pharmacy, a deli, a tobacco counter, a fish display,  floral section, a meat department, produce, and the general grocery section of the store.

Here are some photos of some of the products (and this is for my friends in the meat department at Cub Foods in Eagan, MN):

The next two photos are photographs of the meat counter. There is a variety of steaks, chops, kabobs (yes the dreaded kabobs), bacon and the like. There are also roasts and the meat cutter cuts steaks to order right there at the counter:

Next are meatballs, very carefully laid out in the package:

Another photo of the meat counter. You can see the cutting table:

Stewing beef

Beef briskets

T-bone steaks

Sirloin steaks
 Pork shoulder roasts:

Square sausage, which is slices of pork sausage:

Pork shoulder steaks

And last but not least, hamburger patties!

And the fish case! These are fresh kippers:

Salmon, bags of mussels, and other shell fish:

And to top it all off, the American section. With nothing but junk food.

And that was our trip to the grocery store.



  1. Loving your insights Vicki! It's a shame you weren't here longer, you would get a completely different perspective of grocery shopping in my wee town, where I bought Bob - your handmade haggis & & the scallops from the local fishmonger! Maybe next time we will get you down here for longer!
    Meant to ask - how do the prices compare to yours?

  2. Hi Anne, I think prices are comparable or even a little bit lower than our food prices are. Gas is more expensive but cars are also smaller in Scotland than they are here. Be prepared as the Scottish dinner featuring Bob the Haggis is next!