Friday, June 10, 2016

Going to Glasgow

Hi Everyone,

Well, we had an uneventful flight to Glasgow on Iceland Air. The flight from here takes about 8 1/2 to 9 hours and during the flight the sun never really set completely and it was twilight when we landed in Reykjavik for a brief stopover.

The airport there is smallish and is under construction. Most of the seating had been removed so people were sitting on the floor, stairs, every place they could sit down. There also isn't much to eat there but I did discover Skyr a type of Icelandic yogurt which is tangy. I liked that and I hope I can find it here.

After Reykjavik we flew to Glasgow and that only took around 2 hours and we quickly cleared customs and found my good friend Alison McAdam and native Glaswegian and we went to her place to begin the trip.

Breakfast and Walking About

We had flown 9 hours and hadn't really eaten anything so the first thing we did was have some breakfast. Alison took us to a favorite cafe of her's called the Rio and we had a full on Scottish

In the photo there are scrambled eggs, toast, potato scones, a hash brown patty, bacon, sausages and pork and beans, which taste different from our pork and beans. Underneath the toast was blood pudding which I tasted and really liked. I wolfed down the whole thing with a glass of milk and began to feel alive once again.

The weather that day, and everyday that we were there, was sunny and warm so there were hoards of people walking about and enjoying their afternoon. In the photo below was a large crowd listening to a band playing outside of a pub:

After we listened to the band for a moment, we began to walk around to see the city on foot. The streets are narrow and they drive on the opposite side of the street than we do. The cars are also smaller but most are much newer than here in the US. Alison told me that the average person keeps a car about 3 years and then turns it in for a new on. Not bad!

This was an alley way with small shops and it was paved with cobble stones. We stopped and had a coffee and rested up a bit:

One thing that did strike me was how many people were out walking about in the city on a weekend, so much so that the sidewalks were really crowded. And everyone was in summer garb owing to the warm weather. I think everyone that I saw had a sunburn!

Ahh, British money. They use more coins that we do and they have a one and two pound coins. The pound coins are really handy-they turned out to be my favorite coins and I kept some to take home:

Ok, my next blog post involves going to the supermarket for stuff and I'll post that shortly.



  1. I'm really enjoying reading this and seeing things from your perspective, ohh and it's making me miss you!