Saturday, June 11, 2016

Dinner with Anne and Graeme Nelson

Hi Everyone,
Back again.

The highlight of the trip was dinner with a Scottish couple who are good friends with Alison, Anne and Graeme Nelson of Helensburgh, Scotland.

Helensburgh is a lovely town on the west coast of Scotland. According to Wikipedia, it had about 14,000+ residents in 2000. It has a beach front and an esplanade and a town square that has won some design awards.

Dinner was really good as Anne is a terrific cook. The main dish was a genuine haggis which Anne's butcher made especially for this dinner. Here are the photos:

This is a photo of Anne and Graeme and their lovely dog Daisy, who shows up in many a social media post:

Here is the first course-scallops with black pudding layered over a pea and mint puree. It was every bit as delicious as it looked:

And here it is everyone-the haggis! It was probably 10 or 11 inches long and about 6 inches wide. This is usually a holiday meal but Anne's butcher made it just for us. As we went through the meal, I kept asking about ingredients, cooking, etc, but when it came to the haggis, the recipe was kept a secret so no, I don't know what was in it but it was delicious and I had seconds:

Here it is being sliced open:

We also had neeps and tatties, which are mashed turnips and potatoes and were served with the haggis. The potatoes tasted different than American potatoes - the flavor reminded me of mashed potatoes I ate as a child. Anyway, I had several helpings of both:

This is the main dish-the haggis had a whiskey sauce on it. Very good:

Here is the poor haggis about 20 minutes later, demolished:

Ahhh, desert. This is cranachan, a whipped cream, honey, scotch whiskey, oatmeal, and raspberry dessert. It was really good. I could have eaten probably 20 of these easily. I am going to attempt to re-create this tomorrow evening by using this recipe- Cranachan recipe:

We spent the evening chatting and getting to know one another and I sincerely hope at some point we get to meet them again.

Thank you Anne, Graeme, and Daisy for a terrific meal and evening.



  1. It was an absolutely brill night, and what are the ingredients of a haggis ? Just catch it fresh around/after 5 o'clock in the morning and they are tender , if you catch them too late in the day they are a wee bittie tough and chewy !

  2. So these are Daisy's humans and home. I feel as if I already know Daisy from Ali's photos.

    1. That's them Sandi, It would have been better, even more bettered , the pure bestest if yo and Judy and Shazzle had been there

  3. That's so kind of you Vicki, I'm so glad you enjoyed you visit and your meal with us, Bob's ingredients (the haggis) are a closely guarded secret & even I don't know everything that's in there! I hope the childhood memories of the mashed potato are good ones? I guess so, otherwise you probably wouldn't have gone back for more! I enjoyed cooking it all as much as you enjoyed eating it, & I hope your Cranachan turned out well?! Looking forward to seeing you both again soon, lots of love from Helensburgh xxx

    1. Anne, I really enjoyed the food. American food is very sweet and very salty and basically unedible. With Scottish food you can actually taste the ingredients. Refreshing.