Monday, May 16, 2016

Introduction-We're Finally Going

Hello World!

This is the introductory blog post for a bicycle trip that my husband and I are planning on taking next month in Scotland, England, and the Netherlands. This trip has been stuck in the planning stages for a long time so some explanation of that and the trip details is in order.

First, we have long wanted to do a backpacking trip in Europe and shortly after we were married we began planning such a trip. But like many journeys this was delayed by working, going to college, a mortgage, children, moving, etc. Fast forward to 34 years later and we've picked up the bicycle habit so the trip changed from backpacking to bicycling. Add in the invention of the Internet, which has made planning much easier, the addition of several friends in Scotland and one in the Netherlands, and voila! We now have a planned out and supported trip to countries we've never visited and are eager to see.

Here's some trip notes:

The trip will take nearly a month, from June 3-June 27.

We will visit Glasgow to see a buddy of mine who lives there, ride from Glasgow to Carlisle in England, and then ride across England via the Hadrian's Wall Bicycle Route. When we get to the east coast we plan to explore that part of the country along with the city of York, and then take a ferry across the English Channel to Rotterdam. From there we will be traveling to Sittard in the Netherlands for a visit with an artist friend. After thak it's back to Amsterdam for several days and then back home.

We have bicycles and all the equipment (I'll be posting photos and an equipment list) and we'll be carrying everything we need along with us. We plan to do a lot of camping and meandering around. And I imagine we'll get lost from time to time.

We will be flying over and back on Icelandic Air who are very good about transporting bicycles on their airliners.

So join us on the journey. I'll supply the photographs and details-all you have to do is supply a comfy place to read and a hot drink.

Here's to having a good trip!!

Stay tuned,


  1. So fun! I am excited for you.

  2. So cool!!!! I can't wait to hear about your trip. Have a blast.